Into The Inner Core

It is the intention in this ongoing program to help participants move to true Self Realization. In this program Jeru works more closely and more directly with each participant as a continuous process. The group meets several times a year, with one of these times being a two-week intensive retreat. Everyone has specific assignments to work on between group meetings. Participants help each other "stay on track" between meetings.
With experience and practice the roots of confidence go still deeper. We see our daily life more and more as the amazing miracle that it is and less and less through the filters of the past. We recognize how much we are in charge of our lives and at the same time how much we are supported by, and are a part of, Existence.
Our life becomes more and more an expression of spirit and less a reaction of fear. Through constant testing and experience, our awareness of our true nature grows stronger and stronger. Clarity burns through the trance of memory and we realize our True Nature.


In all of these programs a very powerful, transformational breathing meditation, the Quantum Light Breath is utilized.


The Clarity Process is an ever ongoing endeavor that - even though each individual has to do the work alone on it’s own - flourishes and continues best in the environment of community and support .