The Clarity Process is an ongoing endeavour that flourishes best in the environment of like-minded
communities and support groups.

We encourage all program participants to form ongoing support groups and stay connected through:

- phone buddy systems
- mail lists
- study and support groups

The following people have spent up to ten years or more studying with Jeru. They would be happy
to talk with you about support in their area and share their experience of the Clarity Process:


Bernd Steffan Middletown CA (707) 987-0566
Aaron Jessup Novato CA (415) 567-1654
Svarna Wilkens Carmel CA (831) 625-9076
Judy Jordan 1-800-477-183
Rabia Erduman Carmel CA (831) 626-3754
Charles Jaeger Albuquerque NM (505) 345-6270
David Pierce Washington DC (301) 699-6066
Isabella Vosmikova Santa Monica CA



Charlotte Fulop-Wenner Amsterdam Fax: +31-251-259912
Taetske Kleijn Leiden Phone: +31-71-5173508

Taetske offers weekly QLB evenings and introductory workshops for the Clarity Process as well as private sessions, Keep on Track Days, -weekends and -weeks. Link to Taetske web site.


Nishkam Koch - Link to Nishkam web site
Nishkam e-mail :



To obtain supportive self-study materials, please refer to Booklets/Tapes.

The APT Institute
PO Box 1111
Mill Valley CA 94942

Phone:415 435 7531
Fax:415 898 8501