On this page you will find Announcements from the APT Institute, Jeru’s latest Newsletter and occasional Messages of the moment from Jeru.

This also is the place to share your personal experiences with the work, to offer support or ask for it, and to share information about <support groups>(link) and activities. If you are currently holding
QLB Evenings or study groups and would like to be announced here, please contribute to this page by submitting your e-mail to: webmaster <nirakar@ncal.verio.com

A personal note from Jeru

My transplanted kidney is gasping its last breaths. I started hemodyalisis about five weeks ago. A few complications happened along the way, but now all seems to be going well. We are still working toward a new transplant. Romano, from Holland, a potential donor, is now being tested to see if we will match up. If we do match, he will come to the States for an extensive physical exam. If that is OK, the transplant can proceed. Obviously, I will keep you posted.

I want to thank everyone for the tremendous support I constantly receive. It is an amazing experience to feel so much love and caring. Thank you for all of your cards, letters, faxes, etc. I won’t be able to answer them individually, but do know that each of your expressions of love has meant a great deal to me.

My main focus now is being available to those who seek my guidance

Please let me know how I can be of servicve.

Love, Jeru

"What is now?
Is there a problem right here, right now? And if there is no problem right here, right now - then there is no problem!"

New Center

We now have a lovely house in Novato for meditations, groups, Satsangs, etc. Jeru hopes that it will help encourage the building of a Sanga (spiritual community). We can still use almost anything you might want to contribute from office equipment to home furnishings. We could also use some help with landscaping.

The address is:

The Clarity House
815 Hayden Ave.
Novato, CA 94949
PH: (415) 897 5852
Fax:(415) 897 5812

Office Help wanted

Would you like to support Jeru’s work by lending a hand with administrative projects? This can involve as much or as little as you like. Compensation is available if necessary. Give us a call at (415) 897 5852 or fax your ideas to (415) 897 5812.

Available soon

Nirakar has been working for months collecting and reproducing talks that Jeru has given. These will soon be available as cassettes and as printed booklets.
Would you like to help with this project? We need just a bit more energy to make these talks available. Call Nirakar at (707) 987-0566 or Ellen at (415) 892-5243.

The Clarity Process in Holland

Taetske Kleijn in Leiden 31(NL)-71-5173508
taetske@tsuki.org announces weekly QLB-evenings, private sessions, Keep-on-Track days, -weekends and -weeks in her newly opened center

Rijnsburgerweg 86
2333 AD Leiden

QLB-evenings take place on June 20, June 27, and July 4. Also on July 4 a weeklong introductory workshop in the Clarity Process is being offered.

For Info call 31(NL)-71-5173508.