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Currently we are transcribing and publishing the work of Jeru Kabbal.
The following tapes are immediately available:

Quantum Light Breath Tapes:

- The Quantum Light Breath

- Transforming Negative Attitudes

- Sunrise of the Soul (also available as CD)

Seminar Audio Tapes:

- The Nature of the Subconscious

- Why Limit your Potential

- The Green Dragon and the Four Year Old

- Staying in Balance/The Body as a Strategy

- Dehypnotherapy and the Body

- Manifesting

- Projecting your Past onto the Present

- Relationship: Tool for Clarity

- Dehypnotherapy: A New Perspective

The following talks will soon be available as booklets:

The Nature of your Subconscious

The Clarity Process: a New Perspective
The Longing for Enlightenment
The Book of your Beginning
Helplessness is the only issue
Birth Trauma - First Strategies
The Body as a Strategy
How to Use the Pendulum
The Pendulum and the Four Year Old
The Green Dragon and the Four Year Old
The Nature of Memory
Dealing with Anger
Projecting your Past onto the Present
The Nature of Desire
The Treasure Map
The Script
Why Limit your Potential - Fear of the Positive
Manifesting vs. Dropping Desire
Illness as a Strategy
Staying in Balance
The role of Nutrition in Spirituality
Relationship: Tool for Clarity
Relationship and Jealousy
Love, Sex and Relationship
Existence is Doing all the Work
Deciding to Wake Up
Your Everyday Life a Spititual Life
Using the Mind to Drop the Mind
Review: Subconscious, Movie, Body Chemistry, etc.
The Big Picture
New: Guided Fantasy Tapes

Jeru is a master of the guided fantasy. His wonderful voice can guide your imagination to explore deeper places of relaxation and peace within and support your subconscious mind to discover the wisdom of your inner Self.
We have secured a treasure chest of guided fantasies conducted by Jeru and will make these precious tapes available soon. They will be announced on this page as soon as they are released.