Each of the five steps to Clarity will be achieved through very simple but powerful tools, used at the appropriate stages. These tools can also be used alone, allowing you to continue your practice at home, incorporating changes into your everyday life.

It is not the purpose of the Clarity Process to have you reach for some abnormal state of consciousness that would not be in harmony with life itself.

Our purpose is to help you be fully grounded in the present moment and be clear. If one has to pull away from life in order to be clear, it is an artificial clarity not in harmony with truth.

The Clarity Process is not an intellectual or philosophical approach, but a very pragmatic, experimental, step by step process that ultimately leads to inner and outer clarity.

All of our workshops, retreats and intensives are build around the five steps to clarity. The intentional quest for clarity requires having a firm foundation at each level before moving on to the next. For this reason each event focuses mainly on one or two of the steps but always deals with the other steps as well.

All processes are non-confrontational. Concepts are followed by actual (hands on) practice, either alone or with a partner. No one is ever pushed or intimidated. Everything happens from one’s own intention and desire for clarity.
The atmosphere is supportive, accepting, alert and relaxed.


In all of these programs a very powerful, transformational breathing meditation, the Quantum Light Breath is utilized.

In the following sections we explain what each of the workshops is like.