Revealing The Secrets Of The Deeper Mind (Step one and two - 6 days)

First we learn what makes us tick emotionally and psychologically by getting in touch with our Deeper Mind. We use special gentle regression processes that uncover our deepest, oldest programs. Then we begin the process of changing those [rograms that sabotage us and hold us back. As we uncover and then transform the restrictions of childhood, the True Adult begins to emerge. We are also introduced to the other steps of the Clarity Process. In this Intensive you will receive eye-opening concepts that will change the way you see yourself and the world. You will also learn techniques which you can use at home to intensify and continue your experience. THIS IS OUR MOST BASIC WORKSHOP. The concepts presented here are so powerful they may shake your very foundation. They will give you a new perspective on life that you will find exciting, encouraging and practical. You will leave this Intensive with a clear direction and the tools you will need to reach your goal.