Experiencing Our True Adult (step two and three - 6 days)

In order to be free we must stop identifying with our limiting experiences of the past and be genuinely open to the reality of Now. That means we must be willing to release certain aspects of our personality - formed in childhood - in order to make room for our true adult strength and freedom. This program is devoted to changing the blueprint of the Deeper Mind to allow us true expansion. It convinces the subconscious that we are no longer dependent on the caregivers of our childhood and that we are no longer bound to their conditioning. Fear, tension and worry start disappearing. Our breath becomes deeper and more relaxed. We enjoy ordinary moments more and more. We feel more and more confident and capable. Relationships become clearer and more rewarding. Life is more positive and optimistic.

(note: The above three programs can be taken together as a 9 day program).