Now that Jeru is once again back in California we have scheduled several events to take advantage of his presence. The date for the next available introductory level workshop in California is: July 25 - Aug 3: 9 days (or 6 days, residential format)

The Green Dragon.., The Butterfly.., Golden Wings - Blue Sky

This is a 9-day residential group which includes levels 1 - 3.
This is for earnest seekers wanting to make a quantum leap into the Clarity Process.
This week is guaranteed to change your life in a beautiful, positive way.
Tuition for six days: $690.-, for nine days $895.-
It is possible to take only the first six days which cover the levels 1 - 2.
You can find the description of these programs under Workshops Description

For intermediate and advanced students:

Golden Wings - Blue Sky

This is an on-going group that will meet one weekend a month, beginning in August. Participants must commit for a minimum of six months (exceptions made for prior obligations). Prerequisite: One weekend retreat or the equivalent. Place: Novato, CA.

Tentative dates:

- August 20 - 22
- September 10 - 12
- October 15 - 17
- November 19 - 21
- December 10 - 12

Year 2000:

- January 7 - 9
- February 11 - 13
- March 10 - 12
- Etc.

European Inner Core groups coming to California:

The Inner Core groups are advanced groups that have committed themselves for a minimum of three years. Many participants have been working with Jeru for 5 - 7 years. When Jeru told these groups that it was difficult for him to travel, all three advanced groups decided that they would come to California in order to be with him.
These are obviously closed groups, but since they will affect scheduling of other groups and Satsangs their dates are given.

The Sacred Journey Home

- Aug 24 - Sept 2: Inner Core #2
- Sep16 - Sept 28: Inner Core #1
- Oct 4 - Oct 13 Inner Core #3

Introductory level weekends (three days each), held in California:

- Oct 29 - 31 Level 1 The Green Dragon.
- Nov12 - 14 Level 2 The Butterfly..
- Nov 26 - 28 Level 3 Golden wings - Blue Sky

You are invited to Satsang!

You are invited to meditate with Jeru and friends. This is an opportunity to sit silently, allow yourself to open and sink into those deeper aspects of your being. Time allowed for questions and guidance. (Preceeded by recorded Quantum Light Breath meditation. This is optional and begins at 6:45 pm.) Satsang will be on Monday nights. Begins at 8 pm. Please bring your own meditation cushion. (Donations optional)
For directions and schedule call (415) 897 5852