"Most approaches to clarity depend on surrender, devotion or belief. This approach uses the natural intelligence of humankind. We become clear through our own intelligent observation of reality. Surrender, devotion and belief only encourage the trance created by memory. Reality is always available. We only need to see it. Achieving clarity is neither impossible nor difficult".

Jeru Kabbal

The Clarity Process is a five-step set of workshops, retreats, intensives and processes that you can do by yourself.

These five steps are:

1. Discovery
2. Evolvement
3. Freedom
4. Unity
5. Ultimate Clarity

Each of the Five Steps will be achieved through very simple but powerful tools, used at the appropriate stages. These tools also can be used alone, allowing you to continue your practice at home, incorporating changes into your everyday life. It is not the purpose of "The Clarity Process" to have you reach for some abnormal state of consciousness that would not be in harmony with life itself. Our purpose is to help you be fully grounded in the present moment and be clear. If one has to pull away from life in order to be clear, it is an artificial clarity not in harmony with truth. The Clarity Process is not an intellectual or philosophical approach, but a very pragmatic, experiential, step- by- step process that ultimately leads to inner and outer clarity.

- A clear understanding of the workings of your Deeper Mind and how to reprogram it
- An immediate reduction of fear, tension and uncertainty
- More relaxed, natural and honest relationships
- The recognition of your relationship to Existence
- A deep trust of yourself and of life
- An increase in self esteem
- The probable cessation of psychosomatic conditions
- Recognition and reversal of fear of the positive
- A clear understanding of the path to self realization, plus practical shortcuts for getting there
- A conscious connection with the higher aspects of your being
- More Clarity in all aspects of your life
- More joy and celebration

The Clarity process is an ongoing endeavour that each individual has to do on his own. Yet the work still flourishes best in the environment of of community and support.